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About Us

History :


Agmest Pharmaceuticals & Medical appliances Co. Ltd. is a member of AGMEST Group ; a leading group of Companies that started its business activities since 1993 in Iraq as ALJAMEA'A Scientific and Medical Bureau (The University Bureau), then became DAR-ALOULOOM Bureau Medical & Scientific equipment and appliances (The Sciences House Bureau).

Between1996-2004 many companies were founded in different specialties in the Health Care business Domain and in Construction works to meet the market requirements. Which were then joined together in one group functioning and integrating in operational unity, to be able to provide one solution in one stop services concept to our customers. In 2003 a decision was made to name this group of companies and Bureaus, A.G.M.E.S.T which is an acronym formed from; A is the initials letter of ALJAMEA'A the name of the first bureau operated at in 1993, G stand for Group, M for Medical, E for Engineering, S for Solutions and T for Technologies. This name AGMEST became the brand name of our group of companies and have been registered officially in Iraq and Jordan since 2004.

In 2004 Agmest Pharmaceutical sector was established and started its distribution of pharmaceutical products all over Iraq .

Currently, Agmest Pharmaceutical sector is supplying the Iraqi pharmaceutical market from an international company where the (11) marketed products are from Zentiva Co., (part of Sanofi-aventis )  through our distribution network teams consisting of (44) sales persons and more than (30) medical representatives and their supervisors.


Vision & Mission:


Vision: "To create a healthier Iraq through our dedication in providing the best, safest and affordable pharmaceutical and medical appliances available in the world"

Mission: "To be the best pharmaceutical and medical supplies provider in Iraq and committed to earn the trust of out customers and partners".


Strategy & Tactics

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Customer Relationship Management

Specialization and focusing

Good Distribution Practices

Quality management

Solid, stable and long term partnerships




Customer Satisfaction

Team work spirit

Investment in our human resources

International standards in business management


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